Heart Based Mindfulness Classes

The Workshops

Our workshops will teach mindfulness tools and techniques in a fun way by incorporating, arts and craft, music, dance, yoga, breathing techniques and guided visualizations. Kids will learn to self calm, and be more aware of their present moment and emotions.  We will go over things  body scans and how to visualize going to their favorite spot to help them get in touch of their feelings. Kids how to connect their heart and mind to better understand their thoughts and feelings and their desired outcome. They will learn how to use their voice with intent .Once  kids learn they have the power to control their reactions - they gain much more confidence. 



The practice of mindfulness is about observing your thoughts for exactly what they are. When you practice being mindful you begin to realize your thoughts do not define you or control you- they are simply thoughts. Once you can observe your thoughts from a detached manner you can let go of stress and anxiety. Mindfulness is awareness of the present moment without judgment. Focusing on the present, not dwelling on the past or worrying about the future.


Benefits of Mindfulness for Children


  • Children experience more awareness of their body, thoughts and emotions

  • Children are better able to stay more focused

  • Children can experience less stress and anxiety

  • Mindfulness can improve impulse control and interpersonal skills

  • Executive function can increase

  • Can Improve memory

  • Can Help Make better decisions

  • Can Help creativity

  • Can Improve resilience and confidence


Mindfulness training has shown it can lead to structural changes in the brain that develop and enhance the qualities of:

Compassion, Kindness and Patience.

Kids with Capes

Meditations and Guided Journeys

Learn how to take yourself to your favorite place, do a body scan to understand  and name your emotions, build your immune system, raise your vibration, send love, peace and kindness to  yourself and others. We offer 4 week group meditations, mommy and me sessions  or one on one  guided journeys and meditations. Each meditation will focus on a different theme or healing. We will guide you to connect your heart and your mind to help you be your most vibrant self. Along the way you will find you have the power to create more calm, health and happiness. 


Recorded Meditations

Body Scan short version
Guided Love Meditation (short version
Self Confidence

Sixty Seconds to Calm ( on the way to school)

Ask your kids to focus on breathing, taking deep belly breaths, filling your stomach with air so it rises like an inflated balloon.Breathe out of your mouth like you’re slowly blowing out candles.

1. Breathe in for a count of 3.

2. Pause for a count of 4.

3. Breathe out to the count of 5.

4. Repeat 3 times. Breathe in to the count of 3, pause to count of 4, breathe out to the count of 5.

After 3 times, continue to breathe in and out and think of something you’re grateful for.

Have your kids send love to someone of their choosing like a friend, a family member, or their teacher.

Ask your kids to picture their hearts smiling and their bodies calm as they jump out of the car, ready to start their.