Ways to easily fit mindfulness into a daily schedule:


  • Express gratitude

  • Enjoy a cup of juice or a favorite drink

  • Deep breathing

  • Draw/Color

  • Listen to music

  • Talk a walk and notice your surroundings

  • Put down the phone or walk away from the computer

  • Close your eyes and visualize

  • Fun activities to promote mindfulness

  • Dancing

  • Playing games like Simon Says

  • Take a nature walk

  • Mindful Eating

  • Gratitude Journal

Emotions are “energy in motion.” They are not lasting or permanent. Mindfulness help teach how to be aware of emotions, name them and understand where they can be found in your body. Once you name them it is easier to embrace them and see how they effect you and your decision making. Once you realize emotions  come and go it is easier to  get through challenges.

Mindfulness tools can help show that even shaken emotions will change and settle down

60 Seconds to Calm 

Breathe Work

As you drive to school, or before you turn on your computer or any time you need to feel a bit more calm focus on breathing. 


Taking deep belly breaths, filling your stomach with air so it rises like an inflated balloon.Breathe out of your mouth like you’re slowly blowing out candles.

1. Breathe in for a count of 4.

2. Pause for a count of 4.

3. Breathe out to the count of 6.

4. Repeat 3 times. Breathe in to the count of 4, pause to count of 4, breathe out to the count of 6.

After 3 times, continue to breathe in and out  at your own pace and think of something you’re grateful for


Have your kids send love to someone of their choosing like a friend, a family member, or their teacher.

Body Scan

Body Scan short version
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Guided Love Meditation -short version
Self Confidence

Tips & Tools


Stop what you are doing put a pause on your thoughts, your actions, and your internal monologue.

Take a few breaths. Breathe in deep, breathe out, blow out the candles. Bring yourself into the present moment.

Observe what is going on with your body.What sensations are you feeling, hearing, touching. How do you feel, what is your mind telling you?

Proceed Move forward with an intentional choice.

RAINhelps when working with emotions

Recognize what is going on at this moment.

Allow the experience to be what it is.

Investigate with kindness and self care.

Non Identification and natural awareness to what is going on.


Mindful Activities

Calming Jars & Gratitude Jars

Calming Jar: A great reminder that even  shaken emotions will eventually settle down

Shake, Focus, Breathe In and Out as the glitter falls

Gratitude Jar: Studies prove that feelings of gratitude can boost the immune system 


Coloring Pages

Click on a picture to download a copy of the picture to color!

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