Mindful Owl Adventures

Calming Jars with Clear Glue and Glitter


Clean  Water Bottles (take off the label)

Washable Clear Glue





Food Coloring if you wish


The recipe calls for 20% Glue and 80% Water (can use hot water I used room temperature)


I used:

50% Washable Clear Glue, 50% water, and as much glitter as desired.


Make it: Pour clear glue and water into the mixing bowl, add glitter (and you can also add food coloring). Now mix with the whisk. When everything is blended, mix vigorously then pour right away into the water bottle. 


Put the lid on and shake to make sure your calming jar is working.  If your bottle isn’t quite right, play around with the ratios of glue and water (you can try using hot water too). After your bottle is just the way you like it you can put the lid back on. For extra security you can seal it with super glue. If you used hot water make sure it has cooled before you put the lid on.


Make sure to clean your bowl right away









Mindful Owl Adventures

Calming Jars with Liquid Soap and Red Hearts


Clean Water Bottles (take off the label)

Clear Hand Soap or Dish Soap the thicker the better 

Red Acrylic Hearts


 Make it: Fill the bottle with liquid soap if it is too thick you can add water and add hearts



Put the lid on and shake to make sure your calming jar is working.  

Gratitude Jars


Needed Items:

1 jar/box

Ribbon or other decorations such as stickers

Paper - I like using colorful paper but any             paper is perfect

Pen, pencil or crayons


Making the Jars:


Decorate your jar by tying ribbon around it,           writing on it, placing stickers on it, etc.


Using small pieces of paper, write down one         thing you're grateful for on each. Fold and             place in your jar. Sometimes it’s the simple         things that make life wonderful: the beautiful       sunrise,  flowers in your garden, getting pizza     for dinner, laughing with a friend,  the smile         from a stranger, or quiet time with your                 family.


Have fun realizing all the things big and small to be grateful for while building your immune system!