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Annie Ranger loves to help people of all ages be their most successful best version of themselves by helping them find their optimal health, strength, power and their voice through combining heart-based mindfulness, meditation and energy work. 

She believes if we all can live with more love, empathy, kindness and compassion toward ourselves and others and we search for the gratitude and happiness in each day we can all live healthier in harmony with more joy, ease and grace.  And this in turn can spread to our friends, family, community and out to the world.


Annie is excited to share the mindfulness tools taught in her workshops and sessions to help bring less stress, less anxiety, less worry, less aggravation while also helping to build the immune system. These tools help you to be aware  to connect your heart and mind and to be aware of your emotions so you can work with them to your advantage rather than letting them control you. Once someone, especially a child, understands that  even though they can't control things like a life event or what someone else says or does but they do have the power to control their own reactions it can be life changing.  Once kids learn the skills such as the breathing technique, and to stop to be aware, to listen and speak mindfully,  and to fill their heart with self love  it is as if they have a superpower.

Annie is a Mindfulness and meditation coach,  a Usui Holy Fire lll Reiki Master Teacher,  and an  Advanced Clear Light Healer. She combines her trainings and her passion and research in quantum healing  along with her experience  as a mother, wife, substitute teacher and her years working in the corporate world to help people feel empowered and be their best. 

People thrive when they feel heard, valued and loved most importantly self love. We are all energy. One obstacle in the healing process is being able  to raise one’s own vibration to positive energy even when surrounded by lower negative energy.   Annie wants to show you how to focus your attention on the present moment, open your heart to love and connect your heart to your thoughts and to connect to higher vibrations so you can be your most vibrant healthiest self in mind body and spirit.

All you need is the ability to open your heart and mind to this work!

We hope you join us to help raise the vibration.

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